RT-Granada B

RT-Granada B

Available Sizes:
2" x 2"
4" x 4"
6" x 6"
8" x 8"

RT-Granada B



RT-Granada B Talavera Tile is available in two options, Traditional Talavera Tile or Talavera Superior Tile.


The Talavera Superior is a blend of different clays and is fired at a higher temperature which creates a more durable tile. The Talavera Superior is water and frost resistant and is recommended if installation if for outdoor applications, flooring or wet area. 


The Traditional Talavera is currently the most common form of the Talavera Tile. The finishes and textures vary giving it a more rustic appeal. The Traditional Talavera is not considered frost resistant because it is more porous and the paint crackles. Traditional Talavera Tiles are not recommnended for pools.


All Talavera Tile designs are available in Talavera Superior or Talavera Traditional. 


Special Considerations:

Talavera Tile is hand crafted. Depending on stock and size of order, lead times will vary. Please order well in advance. 


Example shown on 4" x 4" Traditional Talavera Tile.